What is meant by People Talking About on a Facebook Page

Most people have their page on the Facebook likewise we also have the TechSalsa fan page on Facebook where you can join us and share your thoughts, comments and queries. Recently I was bugged by this thought that came to my mind when I was seeing my page once.

“Like” is a simple term that shows how many people like your page whereas I wasn’t aware of what “people talking about” actually mean, and how this data is calculated. I thought “people talking about” is calculated when someone mentions about us in their wall updates to their wall but if it is the fact then how can I see those mentions? My straight question was “if someone is talking about us then where is it and how can I see it”?

Well finding this wasn’t easy, so after doing little research I found what this metric actually mean and why some pages have more and others have less talk about. So here are the details what it is meant by People talking about this on Facebook:

The metric measures all the user related activities like wall updates on the page, liking a link or the comment, sharing photos or a page post, answering to user’s queries, sharing a deal or even checking a place out.

So next time when you come across any such page having good numbers of people talking about, then you must not wonder how. Also if some page has low number of people talks then that does not mean the page is not worth liking. 😛

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