What is meant by Seeders and Leechers in Torrent Vocabulary?

If you like to download movies or other stuffs online using torrents but are clueless what these terms are and how these control the speed of your download, then this article will help you for sure. The query was asked by one of our readers, who wanted to know the meaning of these terms Seeders and Leechers.

To be able to download a file, one needs to make use of the peer-to-peer (P2P) client like BitTorrent which is nothing but a tool that creates a network between you and other users so that you can exchange the file.


Leech is a term given to those users who download stuff more than they upload. Thus Leechers are the users who are involved in the leech process. In simple words, Leechers give the count of the people who are, at present, involved in downloading the movie or other stuff.


Seeding is the process of making the file available for download. A seeder is a peer that has an entire copy of the torrent and offers it for upload. The more seeders there are, the better the chances of getting a higher download speed. If the seeder seeds the whole copy of the download, they should get faster downloads.

Thus when you are downloading any stuff then just ensure that you use that torrent that has maximum seeders and good number of leechers to have a good share ratio.

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