What is Recycler Folder and How to remove it

If you have used Windows for quite some time now then you must have seen this folder called RECYCLER. But many people don’t know what this folder is and what is it doing in the drive?

What is Recycler folder?

The Recycler folder is used only on NTFS partitions and is referred to as a location where all the deleted files go after they have been deleted by the user. Now you may be wondering if it contains the deleted files then why we have the Recycle Bin.

When a file is deleted it goes to the Recycle Bin but when the Recycle Bin is emptied, the files are stored in this Recycler folder. This is the reason why we can still restore the deleted data in the Windows.

Difference between Recycle Bin and Recycler

Recycle Bin stores the file that are deleted from the computer until it is emptied completely whereas the Recycler folder contains a Recycle Bin for each user that logs on to the computer. (MS article)

Recycled Folder

This is something different than the Recycler folder as Recycled is same as Recycle Bin. That is both Recycled and Recycle Bin are just two different names for the same memory location.

How to delete Recycler Folder

Recycler is a read only folder and that is why it gave error if you tried to delete it. To view the folder, go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View tab and uncheck the option of Hide Protected operating System Files.

Now just right click on the folder, go to Properties and unselect the option of Read Only. Now it can be deleted.

Recycler Virus

There has been identified a virus with the same name that is Recycler.exe which should not be confused with the Recycler folder.

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31 comments on “What is Recycler Folder and How to remove it
  1. thanks for the post man

  2. pete says:

    it wont work..after i unpoint the readonly then apply and ok..it keeps returning in read only..

  3. venu says:

    really awesome man… great work… thank u

  4. Sera says:

    Thank you soooooooooooo much

  5. AI says:

    Thanks 8)

  6. JE says:

    hey! be specific in giving instruction pls. you must have said click start and click all programs….now what!? im lose,where can i find the “TOOLS”?and by the way..how can i delete permanently the recycler in my nokia phone, i’ve inserted in my computer,now it has 6 recycler in my phone with diffrent names on it…it doesnt appear in my mobile phone but doess appear in “MUSIC GAME” when im choosing files to be selected by the game…ive seen files that are empty,and thats what i have been saying…pls. help me

  7. sunit says:

    thank u

  8. aungzaythaw says:

    thank U very much!

  9. Joe says:

    Like Pete, It keeps reverting back to readonly and Unable to delete.

  10. sikiru says:

    Thanks ama try it out asap!

  11. mak 32 says:

    a really cool tip,it works,even my updated msse was unable to detect these folders as virus,though showing them in custom scan,hence proved

  12. ricky says:

    i tried the above method for deleting the folder recycler but it gives an error that access is denied,,,so in that case qwhat should i do????please reply ……..

  13. waled says:

    thank u man

    Explain more than wonderful

    Deserve a word of thanks and more

  14. user7 says:

    vagueness in explenation

  15. Al says:

    Can not delete recyler as per your instructions. What now?

  16. SAMEER says:


    hey frends we dont need to apply such fugly commands,
    Just get it easily.

    NOW U HAVE Atleast 20percent of space back.ENJOY

  17. jert says:

    thaks for the info…

  18. jert says:

    Wtf… why do you intend to delete the recycler folder of the NTFS file system? It is an OS file… Even though you keep on deleting The recycler folder, it’ll alaways return everytime you move a file to the recycle bin… in order for for you to save such Fucking space on your disk, just perform disk clean up regularly… or I recommend, to use a fucking Ccleaner… it a freeware mud.

  19. jert says:

    another thing… there’s no need to use a fucking winrar… just goto Folder options>view and uncheck HIDE PROTECTED OPERATING SYSTEM FILE… then choose the button SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS.

  20. jert says:

    And another… For you to determine if RECYCLER is malware, You may use the command prompt or Right click>arrange icons according to type then another right click>view>show icons in group… perform rifght click to any unoccupied space on your window.

  21. admin says:

    i hope you come across the difference between the recycler and the system file recycled folder.

  22. HELP says:

    Actually, you need to go to the recycling bin’s properties, set the space to 0mb, and delete the recycler folder. easy!

  23. bill says:

    how to delete the recycler all the instruction you need, is a 2 steps operation, read the article carefully

  24. Pratik says:

    i have a folder named RECYCLER and four shortcut named Copy of Shortcut to (1) Copy of Shortcut to (2) Copy of Shortcut to (3) Copy of Shortcut to (4). i can delete it but it is replace every time. how can i delete it permanently. if any software to delete it please suggest on my id.

  25. daawar says:

    I think all this is rubbish just install new windows.

  26. LOL says:

    I can’t resist commenting on this.

    If you have read this and decided to delete your RECYCLER folder(s), you should think again.

    To do so indicates a complete lack of understanding and YOU should leave ALL system files alone.

    It can be permanently removed but you should first ask yourself WHY?

    As for the last comment by “daawar”… “just install new windows” do you have any idea what your are talking about?

  27. nb says:

    Can’t resist commenting on this either

    Windows Generates a “recycler” folder on the ext2 partition of my Linux server, it shouldn’t do because it’s nominally NTFS only, the recycle bin is turned off for all drives and it doesn’t have permission to do so, but it does and then leaves it empty and annoying

    Its a windows bug that’s been around 10 years, even when you turn off the recycle bin it magically autogenerates folders and system files, I’ve not found a fix yet and it’s unlikely I will because windows is just rubbish…

  28. danshobiz says:

    solution and link mentioned by Bill above worked perfectly.

  29. shailendra says:

    right click to recycle bin>>properties>>click do not move file to the recycle bin……
    now you go and just simplw delete recycler folder..
    come back and unchek recycle bin>>properties>>click do not move file to the recycle bin……

  30. suganesh says:

    thanks a lot man !!!

  31. madonis says:

    thanx alot tech salsa i had confused recycler with the recycler.exe

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