What to do at “Error Performing Inpage Operation”

One of our readers came across this problem that whenever he tried to open a drive there comes an error message that “F:\ is not accessible, Error Performing Inpage Operation”.

Following are the causes of the error message and what to do at this.


•    The error message only comes up when you try to access any partition on the drive or perform some operations on it.

•    The error message can also mean that your drive is in bad state and is experiencing some physical problems.

What to do:

When you start receiving this error, no doubt your hard disk is in bad condition. There is nothing much that can be done with this problem and also there is no solution available for that so just back up most of the data that you can and send it for replacement.

It is time you should have a new hard disk for yourself.

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  1. possible fix: to try to recover your data)

    1. Start > Run > type in cmd then click OK to get a command prompt.
    2. Type chkdsk e: /r (replace e: with the drive letter of your external hard drive with the issue). of course then press enter

    takes quite a while, 2 to 4 hours probably, maybe more depending on drive size and amount of errors. also you could use a /f instead of /r. /r attemps to recover bad sectors. /f tries to fix bad sectors. /f does not try to repair so you would have more data loss, but if its that bad its another option. /? will show all options. My drive was rebooting the computer(and clicking a bit with intermintent read attemps) so attached to a USB dock to make it external. it then detected but not accesable till I used chkdsk. might not work if drive is to full, needs room to recover files. it will tell you if that happens.

  2. using /r will try to recover your data so your data should be recovered if it can be with this method. /r will also try to fix the sector after it attemps to recover. any missing data will be because the area was to damaged to recover. some recovered files could go into hidden folder’s called found000, found001 etc.. but you’ll have to search for them they usually are not visable “at all”, epecially if its your primary drive. Also check your c: drive for them since i’m not sure which drive it will save them to. I have only found them on my C: drive (or drives that were the c: drive) but might save to drive being recovered? hope this helps someone.

  3. sorry I forgot something(the . in the directory name). the hidden files will be found.000, found.001, found.002 etc etc… one time I found an entire folder of lost pictures of witch over 90% were good. folder was just gone one day. thank goodness I found them.

  4. Thanks a lot ectogamit..It worked wonders..I was really worried about this since i had stored lots of data in there..ur suggestion worked!!!thanks again!!!

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