WhatsApp Lock: Lock and Protect WhatsApp with a PIN [Android]

WhatsApp is one of the famous and easiest communication media used today for communication across the globe. It is the ease of sending the texts, images, and videos through the same app and that too without any charge to anyone having WhatsApp on the other hand. People use it for their daily day to day communication too, and thus it becomes important to keep it private and locked to protect it from suspicious eyes.

While every phone has a feature of locking the login screen but sometimes, it becomes important to hand over our phone to someone we know like our mother, or friends. It may also happen that we forget our phone somewhere which can be accessed by someone at our back. What if you need to show some pictures to a friend and he (without asking you) peeks at your WhatsApp messages?


Hence you definitely need some tool that can lock and protect your WhatsApp messages may be with a password or with a PIN. Here is a free app for Android called as WhatsApp Lock. As the name of the app suggests, it helps to lock the WhatsApp application with a 4 digit PIN which can be set when installing this app.


Anyone who doesn’t know the PIN would not be able to view the conversation, moreover if someone tries to fiddle with the app and enters a wrong PIN, WhatsApp Lock will capture a photo of the intruder using the front camera of the phone and store it in the photo gallery. This feature is both fun and secure and will help you keep the offenders at bay.

WhatsApp Lock works well and uses very less phone resources too. If you wish to try out this app on your Android device then visit the link below.

Download WhatsApp Lock

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