Which Keyboard shortcut you use the most?

The last survey which was about your pick between the PC games and Console games, it was the PC games that were appreciated by more people. Here we are with another cool question for you.

What is the keyboard shortcut that you use the most?

We have lots and lots of keyboard shortcuts that we use daily, isn’t it like Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + Alt + Del, Shift + Del, Windows + D, Ctrl + A, Win + L, F5, or Alt + Tab. Well the list can go on and on as our Windows OS is full of them.

There is no doubt many shortcuts that you use daily, so which one is yours favourite? Just a drop a comment below on the post, telling which one you like to use the most.

10 Replies to “Which Keyboard shortcut you use the most?”

  1. Ctrl+Enter: this will fill in www. And .com on modern browsers so you can type ‘techsalsa’ and hit ctrl enter and it will have the full address.

    Also alt+D will get u to the browser address window without having to click with a mouse

  2. Ctrl+c -> Ctrl+v must be by far the most used by like… everyone?
    Also Alt+tab. I’m way more used to do that than windows+tab.

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