White iPhone Delayed till Spring 2011

The problems with the iPhone 4 don’t seem to endfor the Apple. After the signal drop problem it is the problem with the White iPhone that has made Apple worried.

The White iPhone was originally decided to be launched on 24th June but rescheduled to the endof the year. But Apple has delayed the official launch of the white colored iPhone 4 till the Spring next year. An Apple source tells the site that the white case leaks in light, which produces poor quality pictures. The problem is apparently more pronounced when the iPhone’s flash is used. Since the back of the white iPhone is semi-translucent, pictures inevitably get washed out.

The problem was, luckily for Apple, found just before the shipping else it could have resulted in the loss of trust with the customers. iPhone 4 was a great improvement over the earlier versions of the iPhone but this news certainly would have made the customers depressed.

[Via Reuters]

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