Why I Blog?

To answer this question, I would ask myself “why should I not blog?” Well there are several reasons one can find for blogging but for me the reasons for “why I blog” are:

•    Share Views: I want to share my thoughts with the world and also want to know what others feel about it.
•    Learn: I feel good to come useful to others by providing with ‘something’ that I can. Now along with the viewers, I would also be gaining knowledge that would be coming my way.
•    Earn: Is it the money only that is driving me to start a blog? Well not exactly, it is the other two factors that are more important to me. But I will surely not mind earning some bucks, after all who do 🙂
•    Identity: Yeah, this one is equally important. I would surely feel good if other bloggers also get to know about me.

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