Why uninstalling or Disabling Unwanted Plugins is Important?

It’s a known fact that browser plugins makes our task easier which would be difficult to perform otherwise. There are lots and lots of plugins available for every browser out there, it’s just that you have to choose from the list which one is really useful to you and which one is not.

Although plugins are useful for our work, there are reasons why I don’t like them very much and why it is always advisable to uninstall or disable the unwanted plugins from your browser. Follow the points from my experience here.

• I am not a huge fan of plugins for various reasons, one is that not all plugins are created by the browser officials but are developed by third parties, which can obviously mean breach to your information and security.
I mean, if you are not versed to identify the fake ones, you would be using them in your system on a daily basis without knowing what they can do in the background.

• More plugins means slower browser. Well that’s true, with each plugin you install in your browser, you are making it run slower and slower. May be you have already started experiencing that, but are not aware of the reason why. So, just figure out the ones that you don’t need and disable them.


• Having a slower computer too? Trust your browser plugins for that.
Well this is what I experienced today, my work laptop was running real slow at occasions (not always) with Chrome always ON. So I expected it was something to do with it. I checked my plugins by typing in the URL bar, Chrome://plugins. To my surprise, there were many plugins that were installed about which I didn’t know. So I disabled and uninstalled some, which I didn’t need and voila, my computer was running in full speed again.

-Ah Yes, and dont forget the conflict between the multiple plugins.

With this post, I am not suggesting to remove all the plugins you have installed, just keep the ones which you really need. Got something to say? Leave a comment below.

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