WiFi Map Pro lets you find Closest WiFi Hotspots with their Passwords

Who doesn’t love Free Wifi and that too if you are on a tour? To be connected to internet and to our close family, friends we need to have some sort of internet connection in our phone. It can be either your cellphone data or the Wifi.

While connecting to an open Wifi might not be safe as you can’t know who is collecting what data or not, connecting from cellphone data incur charges. But there are lots of open Wifi hotspots too these days like a coffee shop, a bar or a restaurant and if you trust them there is nothing wrong in using the WiFi.


Here is an app called as “WiFi Map” using which you can actually find the free hotspots closer to you that moment and that too on the map similar to the GPS map thereby letting you find out how far is that place is. This app also lists the password that is used to access that hotspot.

In my opinion, it is a must app for all those who are mostly roaming and if you are a traveler who likes to visit places, then stop worrying about your data charges and no wifi points, just use this app to determine the closest WiFi spots with the passwords.

The app is like a community, where users can add the hotspot too and since the passwords are shared by them, you might also come across occasions when those are not working. But other than this, it is a must have app for both Android and Apple users.

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