Windows 8 overtakes Win 7 sale, No Anonymous Android app reviews, Youtube captions in 6 more languages

With some organization overtaking another, launching some service or etc, there is lot of tech news around the globe that you should be aware of. For all those who are not updated with the daily tech happenings, here is a bundle pack of couple of important tech news that will keep you updated.

1. Microsoft Sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses to date

After the launch of the latest OS from Microsoft known as Windows 8 on Oct 26, we have seen mixed reviews of the product. While most people still like the Windows 7 OS, figures (as stated by MS) states that MS had sold around 40 million licenses of Win 8 to date that too in a month, whereas MS achieved the figure of 60 million Win 7 licenses in two months.

With the new tablets like the MS Surface also using the Win 8 OS, it is expected to break all the records till now.

2. Android App reviewers to have a Google+ Account

Reviews of some product or a service always help some one to get familiar with the stuff before actually getting hands on experience of it. All the reviews placed in Google Play store helps us to know more about the application before using it.

But now Google had made it mandatory for all the users to have and link a Google+ account to be able to put a review of some app. This means there will be no more anonymous posts now on.

3. Youtube automatic Captions now in 6 European Languages

Captions helps in understanding the topic of some video before actually viewing it. Youtube had introduced this automatic captioning feature in 2009, where user can add a video, click the closed caption button to have the automatic caption in English language. Later, Youtube added Japanese, Korean and Spanish to this feature.

Now Youtube had introduced six more European languages to this feature so that this feature can be made easily accessible to all around the globe.

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