Windows 8 to launch in Sept 2011 at the BUILD

Excited about the upcoming Windows OS? Well if you have liked the Windows 7 then you are sure to like the next upcoming Windows OS called Windows 8. While Microsoft had not revealed the date when it is going to launch the Windows 8 officially but here is some good news for the people who are actually waiting for it.

Build is a new event that is going to take place in September 2011 and it is where the new OS will be launched officially. The event starts at 13th September and it, surely is the date to watch out for.

According to the tag line posted at the Build website, we can expect what the major change would be “In 1995, Windows changed the PC.  BUILD will show you that Windows 8 changes everything”. So in case you are planning to move to Windows 7, you should reconsider your decision and hold on for some time so as to have the new Windows OS in your system right after the launch.

Windows 8 would surely be some improvement on the Win 7 OS. Are we also expecting the release of Internet Explorer 10 at the same place? Let’s wait and see how the event unfolds and what are all the products that we expect to see at the launch event. (via windows8news)

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  1. Windows 7 is going well but still xp is dominating over a decade,so do you think windows 8 release is bit faster than actually it has to be? Many IT companies are not completely migrated to win7 wats d reason you think cost factor or still lots of softwares r not supporting win7? And migration of windows os frm one to another is much slower in india than in other countries?

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