Windows Mail Application Available in Windows 8

I hope you all know that Windows Mail application was unavailable in windows 7. The only option you had was to download windows live mail if you want to use a Microsoft email client other than Outlook on Windows 7. It was available in Vista but I didn’t find it in Windows 7 OS.

Now again it has been included in Windows 8 that too as a full screen Metro app in the new Windows 8. The app is well designed for the ease of use. Let us discuss the new features of this app. Firstly, the app is available with a 16:9 aspect ratio that provides you to view your accounts in one pane, mails in another and the content of email in the reading pane.

When you will compose an email, you will find that the screen is also divided into two parts. On the left side you will enter the recipient’s details and subject, on the right side you will compose your email message. However if you are using a windows 8 tablet then you will find a virtual keyboard also below the screen. Also the app detects the need of the user and presents the common commands that may be required.

Other than this you can also merge another metro application with this app so that you can work on another project also while keeping an eye on your mailbox. Even when you copy a link to a webpage in your mail contents, you will find a thumbnail appearing in your message similar to Facebook messages. You can drag and drop stuffs from another app also for easy sharing, you do not have to switch between two different apps to add stuffs to your mail.

Overall I can say that it is good to have this application back in Windows 8 and this would be a great option for those who need to view their mailbox frequently. The application is also designed very neatly but the only drawbacks in this app are support for POP3, IMAP, lack of threaded conversations, inability to import/export from Outlook into Mail, etc. Hopefully Microsoft will take steps to solve all these problems soon.

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