Windows XP to get out of Support soon

Windows XP have been the most famous Operating System of Microsoft so far and none of the other OS like Vista or Win 7 have been able to gain more users than this. Although Windows 7 is gaining rapid popularity but still there are more people who like Windows XP more than this.

So this comes as a bad news for all those who were still using this old OS till now. As listed on their website, Microsoft has decided to cut the support for Windows XP in the fourth month of 2014 that is on April 8, 2014. By terminating the support for the OS, they mean that after the mentioned date there will not be any service packs, security patches or updates released for this product.

Now since there will not be any upgrades available for XP after April 2014, this indicates that users who are using XP will have to either upgrade to Windows 7 or the Windows 8 which would have released by that time. But this is a good thing to upgrade else your system would suffer serious malicious attacks as your system would be running on the older security patches otherwise.

Windows 7 is way better than XP (at least this is how I feel) and so should be Windows 8, so I think it should be a better time to upgrade to the latest OS, if you haven’t till yet. By the way which OS have you been running and on which one should you upgrade?

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