WinExt: Easy Access Horizontal Bar for Windows

Windows 7 comes with a horizontal bar at the top for a faster access of certain locations like Recycle Bin, Documents, Pictures and Videos. Well if you are not using Windows 7 then you can still have a similar bar for you.

The bar can be installed with a freeware tool called WinExt. It customises your desktop with a horizontal bar that gives you easy access to all your programs and documents. The bar can be placed either at the top of the screen or at the bottom according to the needs.

With WinExt you can easily access your favourite or most visited locations with just a single click. You can also setup what icons or locations you want to list in the bar for faster access. Below the menu you find an optional infobar with status indicators for CPU, memory, battery, and hard disk drive usage. This bar helps you monitor your system and gives easy access to the file manager and task manager.

Selected features

  • Menubar with support for special folders
  • Status indicators for CPU, RAM, Battery, and HDD usage
  • Colour theming and alpha blend
  • Displays the currently playing song in WinAmp
  • Note folder
  • System wide hotkeys

Download WinExt

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