WinLockr enables you to Unlock your Computer with USB Drive

Locking your computer becomes very important and especially when yours is a multi user system, it becomes important to protect your data. Although Windows has a default lock screen that can lock your computer to maintain privacy but it can’t prevent someone from shutting down your system by pressing the Power key. Windows by default provides the simple security of locking the computer with the Windows + L button and no added functionalities.

For all those who are looking for some added security features in their computer here is a simple and free tool called WinLockr. This tool not only provides added security features as described below but also enables you to unlock your computer using a USB drive.


Features of WinLockr:

• Lock your computer to prevent any unauthorized access.

USB Unlock: lets you choose the unlock method, and if the USB method is selected, it allows you to unlock your computer by just inserting the authorized USB.

Mouse/Keyboard blocking: Blocks the mouse and keyboard functionality when on lock screen so that none of the keys work except the numeric keys and the alphabet keys.

Shutdown Prevention: Prevents the shutdown of the computer with the power button. However the only way to shutdown the computer now is, unplugging it from the power.

Full Screen lock: Locks the computer in the full screen mode so that no one is able to see what the user was working upon before locking the computer.


In my view the tool is really helpful for all those who work in an environment where anyone can log in to your computer. It also provides logs of the unsuccessful attempts at the login, so that you know who all tried accessing your system when you were not there.

If you liked WinLockr, then you can give it a try from the link below.

Download WinLockr

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