Xbox or PS: Which one do you like the most?

Last time we asked you about your must have mobile app that you like to have in your mobile phone and seems like it is the dictionary app that is liked by many. I too have dictionary app installed on mine and also use it quite often.

This week we have something interesting for the gamers since it was the game week last week. While NFS had released the latest game The Run, Xbox is celebrating its 10 years of fun. So tell me, which one do you like the most, Playstation or the Xbox?

While playing games is a complete fun on both of these consoles, there are some features in both of them that have their own advantage. I know there are personal favourites when ot comes to console gaming, likewise I like playing of PS more than I do on Xbox.

Which one is your favourite out of the two? To have your say, just drop a comment below and let us know what’s your pick.

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