Yahoo Axis: Yahoo’s New Search Engine

These days we all are dependent on Internet. We use search engines to search even a small thing. For example, when we want to know meanings of some words, we prefer internet instead of dictionaries. Google, Bing, Yahoo are some of the best search engines available today.

Now Yahoo has introduced a new search engine, known as ‘Yahoo Axis’ which is going to change your experience of searching the web completely. Currently Yahoo has released this search engine for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and also Axis extension for popular desktop browsers such as Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome running on both Windows and Mac.

However the browser app which is designed for iOS devices is rich in features and is really a very good to use app whereas the versions for the desktops are not actual browser, they actually work as an extension.

You will get instant search results for your search which is more efficient and in content-rich way to explore interests online. With this new search engine you can search the web without leaving the webpage you’re working with. You can easily return to your search results without even clicking on the back-button.

Yahoo Axis provides search suggestions, visual snapshots of web results, and quick answers to common searches, like the weather forecast or local movie show times. You can see the search results using right and left arrows provided in the desktop version. The search results will be automatically displayed as thumbnails in the lower screen area.

To get it on your desktop, visit Yahoo Axis Homepage and click on the “Get It Now – Desktop”. It will be added as an extension to your browser. After installing this engine, you will get to see small search bar at the bottom left corner of the screen. In my view this search engine will prove to be a tough competitor for the fellow search engines.

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