Yahoo Email to Switch to Basic Email on Old Browser Versions

Yahoo Email is one of the old email services today and is also reliable with its service. While most people like using Gmail for the email service, I like using Yahoo as my email service provider, maybe because I am used to it now or maybe I like the design. If you are someone who also likes using the Yahoo email service, then this news should interests you.

Last week Yahoo announced that for the new and the latest version of the email service to keep operating as usual, users need to update their web browsers to their latest versions by June 5 otherwise the email service will shift into its basic mode. This means people will not be able to use the Yahoo spell checker and the chat feature as present in the new email service, if they do not update the browser.


So whatever browser you like using for yourself (Chrome, Firefox, IE or others), just connect to the servers and update to the latest version available. This will not only allow you to use the advanced Yahoo email service, but will also enable you to stay secure from attacks like the Heartbleed bug.

Moreover upgrading to something is always a good idea as it provides the security patches and introduces new features. While I liked the basic version of the email too, but since I am now adapted to the new version, I don’t actually mind updating my browser too. [via]

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