Yahoo Shuts Down its Email Service in China

Yahoo is one of the famous and most used email services company globally. In fact, Gmail and Yahoo mail are the two majorly used email services today. But this service would not be available to use in China starting yesterday.

Yes, after a formal announcement made in April by Yahoo, it had finally shut down its email service in China. Yahoo announced its service closure in April thereby giving the users around four months time to migrate their data and emails to any alternate email service available.


This step taken by Yahoo is because of their deal with China’s e-commerce company Alibaba and as a result Yahoo China had been advising their users to switch to the Alibaba’s Aliyun email service and for the users who did, Yahoo is going to offer free email forwarding to their new email service until December 31, 2013.

For those who did not migrate to the new email service yet, they can still do it but they won’t be getting Yahoo’s email forwarding service. It is interesting to know that, although Yahoo had quit its email services in China, it is not planning to exit as search engine which actually stands as 7th largest search engine in China.

Will this move going to affect you or would you still keep using your Yahoo account? [via]

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